Utan längtan ingen bild (Without longing no picture) - a portrait of photographer Anders Petersen.

Premiere on SVT 2, K Special on June 28 at 20:00

Anders Petersen is one of Europe's most important photographers. His personal images and method of working have made him one of the great storytellers of our time.The film is based on Anders' latest project "Stockholm", a project he worked with during a four-year period, which premiered in May 2019 at Liljevalchs Artcenter in Stockholm. Through the film we follow Anders's dedicated work on the project. In close and personal scenes we follow along when he portrays people and situations in Stockholm. He meets the city's residents in their homes, out on the streets and in other parts of life. Here he clearly shows his very personal and special way of working - how his great interest for people and the desire for connection gives him an entrance to the close encounter. An artistry that over the years received new frameworks but where the content still revolves around the basic question - who am I and why?

The friend and colleague, photographer and filmmaker Stefan Bladh have been assistant during periods and shared darkroom with Anders. During the last year of the Stockholm project, he has followed Anders works and draws an atmospheric and close portrait of Anders' life and work.

A film by Stefan Bladh, Music Stefan Bladh, Edit Johan Bjerkner, SFK and Stefan Bladh, Grading Jan Lundqvist, SVT, Sound mix Jens Meyer Leegard, SVT, Graphics Jesper Sundberg Örtegren. Produced by Civilian Act in collaboration with SVT. Produced with funding from Längmanska Kulturfonden.

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