Hidden Kingdom

The work Hidden Kingdom consists of images photographed between 2006–2016 and is a personal journey through inner and outer scenarios formed by situations and encounters. For over ten years Stefan travelled intensively across European landscapes in countries such as Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Albania, Serbia to name a few. 

– The geography was never important itself, I just tried to be driven by instinct, to be open to situations as they were, not think too much, he says.

The title stand as a metaphor for human longing — the endless search for something greater to come forth, which often blinds us to reality as it is.

– I wanted to investigate a condition, the impermanence of our existence and the vastness of silence behind everything. On these journeys I have often found myself in moments that appear to have neither a beginning nor an end. Rather, I’ve found myself in the middle of something.

The project Hidden Kingdom sums up over a decade of the photographer’s work, and its parts received worldwide attention upon its production. The project was recognized in most prestigious photography competitions in the world, such as Oscar Barnack Award 2012 (shortlist), Elliot Erwitt Fellowship 2016 (shortlist and finalist), Photolucida 2015 (shortlist and finalist). 

Hidden Kingdom is Stefan Bladh´s third monograph and is released on Kerber Verlag and Nouvel Publishing November 2017. 

Press/interviews about the book: ItsnicethatFotoroom.co, The Heavy Collective, Fisheye Magazine, LFI blog

Publisher: Nouvel Publishing
Author: Stefan Bladh
Graphic Design: Jesper Örtegren
Language: English
Pages: 88
Dimensions: 364 x 288 mm
Number of illustrations: 42 color photographs
Binding: Hardcover with dustjacket
First edition: Nouvel Publishing 500 copies / Kerber Verlag 650 copies

ISBN 978-91-978263-2-7 Nouvel Publishing, ISBN 978-3-7356-0395-1 Kerber Verlag

Published November 2017

Carried out through the support of the Swedish Art Council